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The Human Condition

Things you must do if or when the grid fails

Are you ready for the apocalypse — Image by 12222786 on Pixabay

I’ve never thought much about preparing for a doomsday event aside from bending over and kissing my ass goodby. I’m willing to bet there are a shit ton of people on this platform and all over the world who might be of the same accord.

As a freelancer, I have…

The Human Condition

Some of these crazies have gotten used to applying burn cream

One touch is all it will take to get scorched —Image by Comfreak on Pixabay

Whether you’re using an urban dictionary or searching for the meaning of “playing with fire” in Websters, the term typically refers to a person or group of people who practice dangerous activities that result in harm coming to either themselves or others.

For some strange reason, many Americans seem to…

A Writer’s Life

The invisibility of a pen name won’t work for some

Some of us want to give our readers the full Monty — Image by Peter Arreola on Pixabay

The reasons for writing under a pen name are as varied as the number of writers who do it. Some well-known writers have released quite a few stories under a different name. Stephen King wrote under the name of Richard…

A Writer’s Life

The reasons may not be what you think

My eyes are so tired, and these glasses aren’t helping — Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Most of us have something to say, and many of us never pass on the opportunity to say it. It’s what we love to do, offering opinions or messages we want to share with the world.

There’s a problem with that, and we know it all too well.

Many of…

The Human Condition

Learning how to cope

It probably won’t get better than it is right now — Image by Lothar Dieterich on Pixabay

Over the years, I’ve learned to deal with sticky situations in a relatively calm manner. Call it old age or just not giving a shit anymore; when things prove difficult, I’ve been able to work it out without blowing a casket.

Until now.

Retirement is a foreign concept to me…

The Human Condition

Not everyone wants to jump off the cliff

If everybody jumps, that doesn’t mean I have to — Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

I can’t count the number of times on both hands and feet (I have all of my digits so far)that my parents used logic when I asked for something all my friends had.

“If everybody jumped off a cliff, would you?”

In those days, I probably would have. Like mythical…

P.G. Barnett

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