A Newcomer’s Guide To Success on Medium

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Medium has probably one of the best “how to” guides in the industry. Help is only a click away. And don’t feel stupid when you have to ask. There’s a lot more of us hitting that damned “more help” button than you’d think.

Don’t screw it up.

Checking The Stat Page

Don’t worry, you’ll start getting some traction if you do one thing. One simple thing. We’ll let you know what you need to do at the end of this guide. However, there are several areas we need to cover first.

Commenting On Every Single Article You Read


Hate speech, Misogynistic Attitudes, Racially Motivated Vitriol, Sex, Age And Gender Bias.

Here, not so much. We’ll get your ass kicked off this platform if you try that shit here.

Social Medium And Getting And Giving Claps

Following To Be Followed Or Following

Do not follow an author with the expectation an author will follow you if you’ve never taken time to engage.

You have to write.


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