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Let Me Entertain You

Recently (like this past Thursday) I posted a piece entitled Someday Somewhere which drew some immediate and wonderful, I might add, comments.

I love hearing from you guys. It’s always like…


The article was a spur of the moment, emotional snapshot of how I was feeling at the time. I just decided to kind of let fly with it, peeling back most, but not all, of my mental safeguards and I thought it captured what was rumbling around in my head pretty well.

If that’s even possible with my brain.

The number of reads and fans the post garnished notwithstanding, I received a particularly splendid comment from a writing friend of mine. A two sentence comment which resonated with me so much it spawned the basis, the groundwork if you will, for this piece.

A little caveat emptor just in case this attempt goes south in a hurry and turns out to be a piece of crap.

For that you can blame me.

But if it resonates with you, even if it’s just a minuscule quiver, then all the credit goes to her.

So here’s what she said:

Or you could just give up and concentrate on entertaining people.

You’re good at that.

Now some of you may interpret this as a snarky-back handed-slap yo mamma-sit your butt down and quit complaining-we’ve all been there P.G.-kind of comment, A.K.A. a compliment.

It was.

But folks, ya really gotta get to know this lady. She is so much the real deal with her work. I’m just proud she takes the time to read some of my drivel. She is honestly funny to the bone and forthcoming with razor sharp observational wit which simply cracks me up most of the time.

Let me tell you, Roz Warren’s comments hit me like a ten pound ball peen hammer smack dab between the eyes.

Concentrate on entertaining people. You’re good at that.


Say what?

I’m good at entertaining people?

Let’s don’t tell her just yet (She’ll probably find out soon enough. She reads my stuff remember and I tagged her silly me.) but those two sentences turned it around for me. Practically stood me on my head and whirled me around like a playground carousel.

When all is said and done (cliche) at the end of the day (cliche) and when all the cards are on the…(For the love of God P.G. you’re killing us here)…table, my sole purpose should be to entertain you.

Whether it’s a Henry James story, or some ridiculous poetry I torture you with, or even prattle like this post, the focus of every single one of my efforts should be to provide you entertainment.

Of course, entertainment comes to each of us in many ways.

It can be scaring the pants off you, sad and mopey, funny and slap sticky, or conspiracy theory, thought provoking entertainment, but at the end of the read my job is to get you to the ultimate desired state.

You should be entertained.

Sometimes I fail.

Serious, stinky, poo kinds of failures.

I know I do, you know I do, but I keep trying.

I’d like to personally thank all of you patient, kind hearted folks out there for sticking with me and continuing to read my work.

My guess is for every three of my failures to entertain, I hit the mark at least once and you come away satiated for a bit.

But quick enough, you get hungry for more entertainment.

It’s kinda like eating Chinese food right?

When you stop to think about it there’s a lot of folks, myself included, starved for genuine entertainment.

One or two pieces of mine finally hitting the mark and providing something entertaining does not a Chinese buffet make.

With this in mind it stands to reason I need to write more and each time I do I need to make a much more concerted effort to hit the mark.

And I will and thanks to Roz.

When I read her comments, it changed my perspective on what I do and why I even do it. At first, I was writing for me, then I was writing for money. Now thanks to Roz I’m putting a different spin on it.

While I’m no Cedric The Entertainer (pun intended) I believe Roz unexpectedly provided me validation I at least have the capacity to entertain.

Which in my humble opinion is like, kind of a really groovy, big deal kind of thing.

Okay, so I’ll step down from the pedestal and stop proclaiming with a bull horn just how big a deal this epiphany is.

Suffice it to say, for me the tides have shifted.

The winds they are a blowing.

It’s a hard rain gonna fall.

This itchy rash on the back of my legs is almost gone.

Come eternal damnation or high water, from this point on I’m not just going to write a story.

I’m going to do my very best to entertain you.

Let’s keep in touch:

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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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