Discovering The Resolve To Persevere

The Journey To The Reward Is Always Difficult

Brothers and sisters, I’m feeling pretty danged beat the heck up right now.

I’ve spent my entire career writing with dogged persistence, with the understanding that someday all my hard work would pay off. I, on more than one occasion, have challenged myself and other writers to learn to go the distance, to understand this writing career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And still never get there.

Throughout the last twenty-five years, I’ve experienced a lot of almost high and mind-blowing lows in my writing career, and for the most part, I’m pretty proud of how I’ve managed to work through them.

New year, old pain, same problem. It’s like a freaking rash that just won’t go away no matter how much Gold Bond you use.

Tell me this, my dearest writing clan. How in the heck do I put an end to these thoughts of unworthiness for good?

Because I already know the answer.

There is no way to put an end to these moments of frailty and heartbreak, these situations which are guaranteed to frustrate even a superhero’s hopes and dreams.

Absolutely no way.

At some point in a writer’s career, and for some almost every single day, these feelings of inadequacy and insecurity will try to take up residence and live inside our heads doing their very best to seize the day.

Maybe no one else is, but you are.

I know you read your own work because I read my own work as well. Ask yourself this question. How do the words you write make you feel when you read them? If the answer is proud, then keep writing. Even if the answer is embarrassed, keep writing.

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