Evolving Into A Real Man Isn’t As Hard As We Were Always Told It Was

Here Are Five Easy Steps To Get You There

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I wince in embarrassment each time I read one.

It’s a Human’s world and just because you’re male does not mean you can treat your fellow inhabitants like they’re not in the same league as you.

Step One — Understand That A Woman Is Not The Opposite Sex

Women aren’t the opposite sex, they’re the equal sex.

Step Two — Embracing The Fact That Women Are Not Second Class Citizens

Hate to tell you this. No, I don’t hate to tell you this.

And the poor helpless, insignificant bevy of women became their targets.

Second class citizens my a*s.

Step Three — Their Pussy Belongs To Them And You Can’t Just Grab It When You Want To

Keep in mind the target audience here may not understand the word objectify.

Hey, I don’t mind seeing a woman showing off her best attributes if she’s of a mind to, but I don’t see it as an invitation to try to get her into bed, or in your case, the back seat of your parent’s car because you’re still living at home.

Step Four — Learn That Women Have More Irons In The Fire Because You Put Them There

Oh, and here’s a hint about that washing thing. Don’t mix multi-colored shirts with white T shirts, especially if you’re washing with hot water.

Oh my God yes, I mean you have to do woman’s work.

Suck it up buttercup. The more you pitch in the quicker you’ll come to realize chores around the house aren’t gender specific.

Step Five — Learn To Love Them As Much As They Do You

See, you agreeing to the above statement means you just fell off the real man wagon.

Ladies, you all may want to head out to our favorite watering hole without me. I’ll try to make it at least before last call.

I’m afraid this is going to take awhile.

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