Evolving Into A Real Man Isn’t As Hard As We Were Always Told It Was

Here Are Five Easy Steps To Get You There

P.G. Barnett
7 min readDec 31, 2019


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This morning as I was sipping on my first cup of coffee, I started thinking about all of my writing sisters who have posted a ton, and I mean a ton of stories about men’s attitudes toward the female population.

Although I’ve read a few posts where some gentlemen were painted more positively, generally, I was exposed to the misogynistic backward thinking, and atrocious hostilities men harbor for their fellow Humans who just happen to be women.

I wince in embarrassment each time I read one.

And I shake my head in shame a lot of times, wondering how on Earth another Human could treat a fellow Human in that manner.

Men? Come one now for Christ’s sake. Learning how to treat women with respect they’ve always been due is not as hard as you were taught it was. And I just don’t mean American men. I’m talking the world over. All men, regardless of your nationality or creed, or yes, even your religion, need to step it up a notch.

Don’t hand me that crock of crap you were raised in a culture steeped in the terribly misguided belief that this is a man’s world. Hate to break it to you bucko, but it ain’t.

It’s a Human’s world and just because you’re male does not mean you can treat your fellow inhabitants like they’re not in the same league as you.

As a male, I believe I am imminently qualified to reel in you thick-headed trolls who regularly demean and trash my sisters whether or not they write here alongside me or practice any other profession.

And because I am qualified, I’m going to help you fools out by providing you five easy steps you need to take toward evolving into a REAL man. Hopefully, you’re educated enough to first read, but even more critical, comprehend these steps.

Step One — Understand That A Woman Is Not The Opposite Sex

Opposite implies an opposing gender. Just the word itself strikes up a negative connotation. Derived…



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