Excellent Shannon! As Christians (not the evangelical kind) my wife and I years ago removed ourselves from the mainstream "belief patterns" of socialized Christianity. We see our relationships with God as a personal connection, a devotion to the belief of constant improvement in how we think, look and treat not only ourselves but others. Do we fall? Of course, often. Do we fail our brothrs and sisters. You betcha. Are we willing to admit our fraility and make amends when we've slighted someone? We do our best. All in all, we try to keep it real and honest, because at the end of the day if we can't be honest with ourselves and others, all we're doing is playing a shell game we're never going to win. I really loved this piece.


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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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