Forgetting We’re Only As Great As Our Last Masterpiece

Not As Explosive As Bomb Disposal But Still Pretty Serious

It’s interesting to note that a writer’s world is constantly filled with an evergrowing collection of “last masterpieces”.

And that is as it should be. In this business, our readers are always hungry for more, and it’s our mission to give it to them.

Or, more from their favorite writer if one of our stories accidentally gets in the way of their mad crush to get to that writer’s latest masterpiece.

Think of it this way. A professional sports team has fans who come to watch them play, and those avid fans have certain expectations. They expect their teams to keep on winning.

It is so, well, last week. (Sorry, had to go there.)

Yes, they’re keeping score, but this is a new day and new game and for the fans, it needs to be a new win.

It has made ZERO bucks over a two year period.

So, where would I be, and what would I be doing if I continue to forget I’m only as good as my last work and this underperforming piece is the only thing I ever write?

So, back to blowing things up.

Wee Willy made his point perfectly clear.

Hey, I’m getting used to having my breakfast cups each day.

Each day it’s up to us to lay down another body of work, diffuse another piece of ordnance without it blowing up in our face. Each day we need to get our prose in front of our readers and never forget, never ever forget.

Thank You So Much For Reading

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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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