How Many More Have To Die Before We Realize Killing’s Not The Answer

We Evidently Never Learn

Uh, the last time I looked, the twin towers in New York aren’t there anymore. But you can certainly go and see the monument dedicated to the two thousand six hundred and six people who lost their lives there.

Many countries on this planet are more than capable of bringing their aggression to American soil. Never forget that.

Maybe we should look at the number of lives lost so far because of war.

Here are some figures pulled from Wikipedia where lives were lost, and not just American lives. I’m talking about the Human race here, in case you don’t know. Because of the staggering numbers, most of these numbers are tallied by geometric mean, which means a numerical average.¹

  • World War I — 1914 to 1918–23,568,559
  • World War II — 1939 to 1945–69,069,811
  • Korean War II — 1950 to 1953–3,000,000
  • Congo Crisis — 1960 to 1965–100,000
  • Vietnam — 1955 to 1975–1,743,560
  • Afganistan — 1978 to present — 1,574,802
  • Iraq — 2003 to 2011–190,000

Grand Total — 100,052,958

Over 100 million lives have been lost just from 1861 to today. One hundred and fifty-nine years. Or if you want to do the math another way, over 629 thousand lives a year lost.

We are such a savage species. It is extremely rare for a species in the animal kingdom to kill for revenge, or fame, or sport. They often do for survival.

Can the Human race say the same? Do we kill others so that we can survive? Or does the human race kill for sport or in the name of some religious or political belief? Is it only Humans who kill to enact revenge for the death of a fellow countryman or to preserve an existing way of life?

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