I’m Not Trumpian but I Don’t Do The Bern Either

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I’ve been holding this in way too long folks. Far too long. I have never considered myself a political person. Not to say I haven’t voted my conscience on occasion. It’s just I haven’t married myself to a political party be it Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or Green.

Maybe I haven’t said anything until now is because of my perspective, yeah let’s go with that, my perspective.

perspective is not how I perceive things to be. It’s how I believe things are. And before you go all half-cocked into a fit of righteous indignation on me and start sending me hate mail or death threats take a moment and listen to me okay?

I don’t believe we have a crisis at the border, but I do believe we need better border security. Do we need a flippin’ wall? Maybe not.

perspective is telling me most of the damn politicians on this wall thing are showing me nothing but how much they hate Trump and what he stands for instead of laying out sensible and practical policies for securing our borders. I think on both sides of the aisle they need to pull their damn heads out of their assess and AGREE on a policy that works or shut the hell up.

I often wonder why we spend billions of tax payer dollars rounding up and deporting illegal aliens.

perspective is telling me instead of doing what amounts to a catch and release program we should make the one’s who qualify, legal residents and tax the hell out them. Just like the government does to all the rest of us. Another just as important fact is by doing it this way we won’t rip families apart.

I hear of anger and frustration when a legal (and I stress tax paying legal) immigrant speaks in their native tongue and someone lashes out because they don’t speak English.

perspective is that they can speak any freaking language they want. Contrary to popular belief, English is NOT the official language in America. Let me say this again. English is NOT the official language in America. In fact, English has always been considered a de facto primary language.

I always thought it was Texan.

If they really want to communicate with me, I’m willing to bet we’ll find a way. Hand gestures, sock puppets, whatever it takes.

I hear arguments of gun control and a plethora of options ranging from taking away citizen’s weapons to more stringent pre-purchase evaluations.

persepective is telling me allowing a sixteen year old to drive a four thousand pound weapon A.K.A. an automobile, while they text on their brand new smartphone is just as bad as an assault weapon.

I hear the political pundits trash Obamacare and crow about how they’re going to get rid of it then I listen to public outcry at town hall meetings. I hear normal, every day people like you and I voice their anger because politicians just screwed them and millions of other people who had no choice but to use Obamacare.

perspective is saying our political parties as a whole need to work TOGETHER and make a half-hearted stab at fixing what’s broke. They need to stop this bullshit of focusing on their precious political venues and start working to give us, the American public, at least reasonable versions of what we want and need.

I hear immigrants who may have legal residence (either temporary or permanent) calling for America to introduce a new set of laws in order to suit their religious beliefs.

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perspective is telling me they either don’t care, or have forgotten to read up on, the governmental foundations our forefathers constructed. Yes, you can have your religious freedom bucko. Hell, our ancestors suffered religious persecution and settled here to be free from it. But we are a nation ruled by law, a nation that still believes in separation of church and state. We aren’t going to change our laws in order to placate how you wish to worship. You break the law, you pay the consequences. Remember that.

Maybe I’m just a American rogue who stupidly believes in a Eutopian existence never to be achieved. I’d like to think I’m smart enough to understand there isn’t a single policy we ever will put in place which will be the right thing for all people. I know full well some solutions, while the right thing to do, may be frustrating and painful for a lot of us.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take action. Sitting on our butts waiting for things to fix themselves doesn’t seem to be working does it?

P.G Barnett is the author of the Gifter’s Ring series. His works, A Balance of Evil, Return of the Brethren and The Power of the Three are available for purchase. The last of the series — The Rise of the Coven — is scheduled for release in 2019

Let’s stay in touch. pgbarnett.com

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