It’s Just a Made Up Story You MORON!!

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I’m angry, mad as hell!

And when I get like this I find sometimes the best way to assuage the beast inside is to write it out of my system. So, forgive me if I rant and rave, and forgive me if I pontificate, but I need to talk to my support group.

My most esteemed fellow readers and writers, I have recently experienced something, a most unbelievable first in all my years of writing suspense thrillers and supernatural fiction, that has shaken me to my roots.

I have been accused of writing a book that is and I’m not going to take this statement sitting on my backside! I’m going to stand up and fight, throw the dueling gauntlet at the feet of my accuser and declare war. I’m going to come out swinging.


Okay , okay let me take a breath and explain. My second book, has been released for sale, and I’ve received some decent reviews from my fan base. But there was one, one review that set me off.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that not everyone is going to love my books, and there are going to be people who not only don’t like it, but don’t like my tone or my delivery style and think I can’t make two words stick together without a full tube of crazy glue. But to tell me that my work is “Clearly political”?

How freakin dare you!


As I did in the first book, and the second, and will probably do in the third, I take situations of Americana and weave my stories into the folds of what’s going on in the modern world. Whether it’s a new president, or a stock market crash or some bubble of industry bursting, I take it as the backdrop for my characters, add a dash of evil and sit back to see how they deal with ongoing life and death situations.

When I’m writing, which is all the time, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the shit going on outside the story, unless it’s something really juicy that will add trial and tribulation to my characters. Then maybe I’ll pay attention. And I sure as hell don’t give another rat’s ass about that person so politically charged they sit around holding a short fused powder keg full of their own biased opinions waiting for the chance to light the fuse and throw it at someone. People are gonna have their opinions right?

However, at the risk of reiteration I must comment to the reviewer, and any reviewers who decide that they too wish to jump on the “political” review bandwagon. My stories are not fodder for your political views, your political exhortations, or your political flatulence. My stories may take place in America during a time when political shit is happening and wars are being fought, but my stories are not poster children for you to use when you wish to proclaim your political sensibilities. You wanna know why?

is not about politics and it sure as hell isn’t a political statement of any kind. It’s a story about good versus evil and if you had actually read the damned thing you would have recognized that.

You want politics? Then turn on the television, call your congressman, or go stand in front of your nearest polling station until it comes time to elect somebody again.

But don’t ever tell me, and the world in writing no less, that my work is “Clearly political” when you didn’t even finish the book you douchebag.

Yeah I said douchebag cause it’s “Clearly evident” you are one.


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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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