This is a first for me.

Not writing something, although there are probably folks who’ve read my work and think I’m a beginner.

It’s the first time a fellow writer has tagged me with a challenge to write something. Aside from getting curated (Which I haven’t. Still a sore spot with me.) I see this as a watershed moment during my time on Medium.

I know, I know, Lucy said try to keep it at around 200 words, but for me Mr. Gabby McGabby, that’s gonna be kind of tough.

So without further ado (you are all probably thinking — finally) here goes.

My perfect writing day is that moment I’m consumed by the words I’m laying down. It’s the moment my brain becomes so connected to what’s happening with my story that I, P.G. Barnett the writer, no longer exist.

When it happens I discover I’m now a character or a situation, or a struggle inside the story. Somehow I’ve stepped into another world, either frightening, or funny, or sad, and I forget everything else.

On a perfect writing day, I’m often so consumed by this world I forget to eat or take a break.

I like to call it my three text day.

Getting consumed by my stories is why my wife insists I carry my phone with me when I’m down in the office. She understands what it’s like when I hit that perfect day with my writing.

I’ll be churning along, battling it out with a protagonist or I’ll be the protagonist attempting to rule the world and all of a sudden I get a text.

Baby, you need to eat breakfast.

I fix myself something (most times my wife does and brings it to me. I love her so.) and take it to the office, but during that perfect writing day, I don’t taste a thing. In fact, I’m so busy getting lost in the story my food often grows cold.

I’m immersed in a wonderful adventure. I don’t have time to eat. We’re going to die if we can’t get out of this situation.

Then another text.

Baby, lunch is ready. You need to find a stopping point.

And I will, as soon as this devil incarnate is destroyed and the city is saved. Oh my God, how did it escape?

Then another text.

Sweetheart, did you know it’s almost six? You’ve been down there since seven this morning. I’d like to spend a little time with you if you don’t mind.

Okay, somehow we’ll find a way to track the devil incarnate down and destroy it. We all need to get a little shut eye. We’ll come up with something tomorrow.

P.G.? You can go now, but you better have your ass here first thing in the morning.

Me texting the wife.

Thanks baby, I’m shutting it down now.

Now that my fellow writers is my perfect writing day.

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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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