New Years Eve Party At P.G.’s House

All Invitees Please Remember To Bring Your Own Pillows And Blankies

Well, okay but everybody on the invite list needs to bring their own pillows and blankies because a lot has changed over the years.

First, I was finally able to pay off the lawyers for that unpleasant incident from five years ago. Second, my wife and I intend to bring in the new year just as we have a lot of them in the past.

8:30 PM.

9:30 PM, if we’re really feeling frisky.

Think about it. What better way to bring in any new year, not just 2020, than by snoring loud enough to shake the walls and drooling on your pillow?

Ahem, now you understand why everyone needs to bring their own pillows right?

Okay, so everyone’s got the pillow and blankie thing down, right? So here’s my invite list:

Marilyn Monroe

No, we’re not inviting her because she’s was a sexy blonde bombshell.

Jackie Robinson

The first black athlete to play in major league baseball in the modern era. Was it Jackie’s intent to make a social statement? Nope, the kid just wanted to play baseball in the majors.

Edgar Allen Poe

Dear Edgar led a, let’s say somewhat estranged life, which in my opinion goes a long way in explaining the depths some of his work takes us.

In 1836 Edgar married his cousin, Virginia Clemm. If you think this slightly incestuous arrangement was wrong, try this on for size. Virginia was 13.

Nine years later, Edgar published “The Raven,” and the poem was met with critical acclaim. And yet, the sorrow of Edgar Allen Poe’s life dwelled on with the death of Virginia two years later.

And Last But Certainly Not Least All My Writing Friends

Sure, the house is small, but there’s plenty of room in the garage, and since most of us will get smashed and be dancing on the front and back lawn (no naked stuff this year. I can’t afford more attorney fees) my guess is when we pass out, we’ll just sleep wherever we drop.

“I’ll always remember that New Years Eve party at P.G.’s house. Well, I mean, at least I remember leaving P.G.’s house.”

Happy New Year To All Of My Medium Writing Friends!!

Let’s keep in touch:

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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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