Paging Doctor Baxter Huntley Part VI

“We’d tapped the bank so hard trying to save these kids lives we had no more to give.”

“Couldn’t you get more?”

Something we should note here folks. There are some writers who won’t pass an opportunity to let you know they’re published. Vain, inglorious, pompous asses that they are.

And then there are other writers who just don’t give a damn if they’re published or not. Despite the fact it lends credibility to their lackluster writing career.

Again, we’ll let you figure out which of us is which.

“What’s important about the journal Baxter?”

Although we each were browsing at our own speed, it seemed we both stumbled across the same article almost at the same time.

“Okay check this out Henry. This is the reason Baxter lost his license.”

We both peered over the tops of our laptops at one another.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking Henry?”


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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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