Reality Bites And Keeping Things Real

A Poem Of A Virtual World

I read the news and then I thought,
How much was fake, how much was not,
It’s tough to tell how much is real,
Especially when we have to deal,
With virtual this and virtual that,
Reality isn’t real, you can’t combat.

But if real isn’t real and real isn’t there,
It’s a wonder most times we should even care,
There’s no need to believe if it doesn’t exist,
Except in a world of a developer’s twist.

You can paint your sky orange, or put horns on your head,
You can fight flying aliens while lying in bed,
Your dreams can be real they can all come alive,
It’s a different reality these games do derive,
Sprouting wings from your back, soaring high in the skies,
It’s no problem tricking what you see with your eyes.

It’s imagined you’re told, it’s all fun make-believe,
But these creatures and imagery that have all been conceived,
They’re too real, act so true to what happens in life,
It’s so graphic and stark all the mayhem and strife.

People die in this world this reality game,
And they say it’s not real but to me it’s the same,
As what happens each day in the places we try,
Just to live out our lives not get shot and then die.

Virtual lives they aren’t real but they seem like they are,
And we all thought our real life was a little bizarre,
But those rules of morality we were all taught as kids,
Have no place in these virtual worlds as each company bids,
For a share of the pie make them purchase the game,
You can kill more in this virtual world and gain fame.

Be the best on the block fighting enemies galore,
Learn to shoot and kill and then learn even more,
If you really get good shooting them on the fly,
Maybe reality targets you next ought to try.

Find a church or a school or a concert or show,
Do your best and don’t worry about those down below,
In this virtual world you’re the best you are king,
When you pull the trigger it won’t mean anything.

In a world such as this all good morals are lost,
But you really don’t care though your fingers are crossed,
Because you think this is virtual and it doesn’t exist,
And you’ve played it so long you must really insist,
That those people you shot all those enemies you killed,
They were put in the game by a developer skilled,
It’s not real you proclaim as they take you away,
And you know when you die again you can play,
In the virtual world created by them just for you,
You can do anything you’ve always wanted to do.

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© P.G. Barnett, 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Written by

A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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