Remembering The Dreams Of My Future

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This morning as I began my almost ritualistic, and always monotonous routine of sipping coffee I decided to let my brain slip into neutral.

Instead of thinking about the next scene I needed to write or worrying about the character dynamics, I chose to sip my coffee and marvel at a picturesque pallet of colors in the morning sky

As the sun glinted over the horizon, I sat there remembering the dreams of my future.

I realized as I sat enjoying my quiet time, that most of the more important memories of my life had often been coupled with dreams of my future life.

As I hurtled back in time thinking of those pivotal moments, I thought it strange indeed those dreams had in some way managed to lead me here to this very moment in time.

Strange how that happens.

I remember I always wanted to be a professional rodeo rider, football quarterback, tennis ace, volleyball spiking wizard, major league baseball hurler.

You know, a Bo Jackson on steroids.

Well, let me restate that.

A multi-talented sports athlete not on steroids.

This morning I remembered just how much I reveled in those dreams.

But when it occurred to me back then I sucked at sports, and for the most part still suck at most of them — okay, all of them — I realized memories of those days hadn’t been coupled to dreams.

So as I poured another cup of coffee and returned to watch God’s painting skills in the sky, I channeled my thoughts back to the dreams which meant something to me, which led me down the path to here.

I thought of my English teacher Ms. Ware, and how she had challenged me to embrace the power of literature.

I thought of the day she handed me a pamphlet of words and told me I was going to be the first boy ever to win a county spelling bee in Montague County.

I did go on to win and I began to embrace a dream of building a career crafting words.

I began to dream of plots and characters and stories.

I began to dream of being a novelist. I began to write.

I remember years later when I was chosen to play a part in a high school play.

I played the part of an English teacher who wanted to quit his job and become a novelist.

And again, I began to dream and I began to write. Short stories were my claim to fame, and I poured them out.

You suddenly wake up and realize that you have fallen hopelessly in love with your partner. Together, the both of you struggle to tackle the very real challenge of making enough money to feed and clothe the family. And before you realize it, you have beautiful daughters who need your guidance and inspiration.

I am here to tell you that there may come a time when you must set aside your dream for a day, a week or even years.

But never, and I mean never, stop dreaming of your future.

Never stop thinking back to those dreams which prompted your actions and helped you grow into where you are and what you do now.

If I had stopped thinking about those memories and the dreams associated with them, I would have never published.

If I had done that I would not be writing this to you now on this wonderfully open platform where we all are free to pour out our thoughts.

I would have never had an opportunity to hook up with some of the finest writers in the whole damned world.

And so my esteemed readers and writers.

I will always remember the dreams of my future, and as I move forward I hope and pray I will have many opportunities for more.

I hope each of them will be wonderful, and each will have a beautiful memory alongside it that I will some day be able to revisit with a smile.

This I hope for all of you as well.

Peace Out,


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