Songs Of My Summer My Winter My Spring And My Fall

A call to action by a writing friend of mine Lindsay Lonai Linegar.

Lindsay “with an a” tagged me to do a piece on summertime melodies I enjoy grooving with, but it really got me to thinking.

Yeah, I know. You folks are snickering right now.

P.G. actually thinks about stuff he writes? Come on really?

Well yeah I do, sometimes.

And this is one of those times so mark it on your calendars.

Lindsay asked I do a complimentary piece to one of hers on songs I love to hear during the summertime, but I don’t think I want to throttle this piece to just summertime only. I want to share music which stirs my emotional heartbeat all year long. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Songs which quicken my pulse and tug at my heartstrings, and yes even evoke a collection of moisture in my eyes at times.

Songs with nary a single musical instrument used other than human vocal cords.

And while I’ve heard some amazing acapella performances in my sixty odd years upon this earth I don’t believe I’ve ever listened to sounds so sweet and in perfect pitch and harmonic balance than the songs I’m going to share with you now.

And it all started with Leonard Cohen, John Cale and Shrek.

Bet you didn’t see that coming did you?

Of course, living under a rock like I do I’d never heard of Leonard Cohan.

I know. Shame me if you must. I deserve it.

Also, loving animated movies voiced by the likes of Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers and a host of other celebrities whom I love it comes as no surprise I would take time out to watch the show.

There’s the one scene where Leonard’s creation is sung by John Cale and right then, at that moment, the lyrics and the music grabbed me.

And I loved that song, but I needed more. I couldn’t watch Shrek every time I wanted to listen to the song.

Well I mean, I could have but I would have had to watch it in the garage so my wife wouldn’t have to yet again endure talking jackasses and big green trolls.

And then my lovely wife who has a lust for music even more than I, discovered a group by the name of:


Guess what song a group of five of the best acapella vocalists I’ve ever heard sang?



Give it a listen won’t you?

My wife discovered this group almost a year ago, and guess what? I listened to this last night (as I do almost every night) and my emotions still run like a leaky faucet.

Oh but my yearlong musical cornucopia doesn’t end here folks.

Everybody likes “The Sounds of Silence” by the Garfunkel twins right?

Well, So does Pentatonix. Check out this version by the new Fab Five.

And so does a group simply known as “Disturbed”. Granted, “Disturbed” has musical instrumentation in the cut, which is why it’s a second runner up as far as I’m concerned. However, David Draiman’s powerhouse vocals suck you in like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. The piece is a little edgier, more raw and sensuous. And David’s timing and delivery is just a bit different from Pentatonix, but it still makes me utter, “Damn” every time I hear it.

And did I mention the five vocalist group known as Pentatonix?

Broken record P.G.

No hang on. They’ve got another great piece I listen to almost daily. Kenny Rodgers tried to make “Mary Did You Know?” a hit for him (some claim he did) but I’m thinking if there was a sing off these tadpoles would carry the day.

So there you have it folks, music which uplifts me, spurs me to continue on down the road with a better frame of mind, if only for a moment. Music from the soul which offers me a chance to purge the demons, enraptures me with sweet, pure sounds of music as only these musical groups can share.

I humbly submit these songs are my best choices to hear any season of the year.

Thanks for the tag Lindsay.

Let’s keep in touch:

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