Teacher’s Pet

Halloween’s Right Around The Corner. Here’s My Contribution To The Fright Fest

He really loved the first day of a new school year, but not for the reasons many of his classmates did. His few close friends called him Bill, but to his enemies — and he had quite a few- he was known as Billy ‘D’, the schoolyard bully.

He heard voices.

William stared at the two boys as Chuck Thompson pulled his younger brother behind him. William knew Chuck was scared. He could feel it, sense the older boy’s fear. Although he and Chuck were about the same size, something inside told him that he could easily pound them both into the ground.

Danny struggled to his feet and straightened, warily eying William’s as he stumbled in the boy’s direction with his hand out. William grabbed the money out of Danny’s hand then shoved Chuck away so hard the older boy fell to his knees. As Chuck started to stand up, William balled both fists and threatened both boys.

The woman nodded her head and smiled again. As William stared into her hunter green eyes, he felt his insides turn warm and mushy. Quickly, he chased the feeling aside and scowled at her.

William decided he wanted no part of Ms. Horsely’s tricks. While the rest of the class paid rapt attention to everything she said and worked through the study courses, William slouched in his chair pretending to sleep.

Sitting behind a cage, furiously nibbling on a carrot stick, a dark-eyed, pudgy hamster with brown and white fur and long whiskers studied him.

Although her voice was soft, it filled the room, sounding hollow and ancient. Thoughts of pyramids, the Spinx and long-dead mummies in their tombs sprang into his head. Then he could have sworn Ms. Horsely said something else, but he never saw her lips move.

William howled in pain, dropped Impostor and began inspecting his finger. In the dim light of his room, he saw a tiny pearl of blood and flew into a rage searching for the hamster.

Everything looked like it had been made for a giant. His bed looked almost three stories high. His baseball bat leaning against the wall in the corner seemed as big as a California redwood tree.

What’s happened to me, he wondered. Somehow, and he didn’t know how, things seemed horribly, horribly wrong.

Inside his head, William was screaming. What his ears heard was a continuous chain of squeals and squeaks.

William squealed as the new William Dean Hawkins put him back in the cage and closed and locked the door. He was still screaming when his mother opened the door to his room and stuck her head in.

As the new William sped out of his room his mother stepped over and leaned down for a closer inspection of Impostor.

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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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