It’s all about the translation.

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1. You, Y’all, All Y’all

English: “So how about you (one person) drop in for a cup of coffee? If you’d like to bring a friend (two people) that would fine. As a matter of fact I’m thinking it would be great if we invited our neighbors (more than two people) over for a wine and cheese tasting. Wouldn’t that be great?”

2. Sorry

English: “Did you hear what he did? The man is such a reprobate. I’m so sorry she has to deal with his antics.”

3. Fixin’ to Get er done

English: “Henry’s in the garage fixing the lawn mower.”

4. Damn Fool

English: He was such a fool to think he could actually make that business work. Look at all the money he wasted and how his family suffered because of his stupidity.”

5. Bless Her Heart

English: “Oh the poor dear. She tried so hard. But for some reason no one tried those cookies she brought to the bake sale. I’m afraid she really needs to learn how to bake.”

6. Isn’t That Special

English: Wow, I had no idea he wanted to be an artist and paint. Is he taking lessons? Maybe he needs to.”

7. Lit

English: He was standing a little too close when he lit the burner of his gas grill. It scorched all the hair off of one arm, but the doctor say’s he’ll be fine.”

8. All Hat And No Cattle

English: “I’m so tired of dealing with her bullshit. She acts like such a diva sometimes. I wish she’d just stop putting on such a pretentious show every time we get together.”

9. Drug through a knothole backwards

English: I’m exhausted. I’ve been standing on my feet all day. All I want to do is take a bubble bath, light some candles and have a glass of wine.”

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