To The Finest Group Of People On The Planet

Happy Holidays To Each And Everyone Of You

Living is sometimes the most joyous and at the same time terrifying thing we get to do as a Human.

Nowhere else, and in any other time could I have, or would I have ever had the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the most caring, sensitive, funny, outrageous, tender, rough and tumble, introverted, wildly extroverted and brilliant writers such as you.

What you don’t know, probably because I’ve never told you, is how much your work and your interaction with me has meant to me. You all are like the brothers and sisters I have longed for all these years.

Until I met you, folks.

And my lovely wife knows this (she’s always known about the crazy part) and yet is perfectly willing to share me with each of you, every day.

Helping me, helping others, helping yourself. A band of writing warriors each doing the best we can to move forward.

I am so genuinely excited for the upcoming year and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this.

But not anymore.

Think about this.

Time and words will tell.

So from my heart to yours.

Here’s wishing you the very best and safest holiday season in the world and let’s all get ready to release the words and let them flow next year.

Come on 2020, bring it!

Who’s with me?

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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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