What If Writers Were Forced to Stop Writing

Would The World Even Take Notice?

Imagine what this world would be like if every writer one day, and on the same day, was forced to quit writing.

What if every writer on the planet was mandated to stop writing stories, poetry, humor, marketing content, technical manuals, and yes even self help inspiration?

What if we all had to stop writing anything? Forced to put our pens down or turn our computers off and never write another word from this day forward.

Would the world even take notice?

Probably not for a while.

Our planet is not only saturated with inhabitants, but flooded with ample supplies of reading material as well. Thousands of books, blogs, news articles and material on the Internet are produced each day.

And each is vying for our attention.

There is enough written in the world for a single person to read something fresh each day until they die an old age.

But there will eventually come a day thousands of years from now (if our planet hasn’t turned into a massive fire ball) when everything has been read. Sometimes even twice.

Then what?

What will happen when the demand for creative marketing material becomes necessary?

When a new product needs a technical manual?

When the world needs to laugh because every one is tired of crying?

When the world’s population needs to escape a terribly mundane existence living without the written word has plunged them into.

Who will write for the world then?

No one knows how to write anymore.

No one has written anything for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

Writing has long been forgotten.

The wondrous art form lost in the minds and souls of those long dead.

Knowledge of writing is now only a memory, a legend of what once was.

Now the transference of information will rest only in the hands of the storytellers.

Those who speak the words the world refuses to let them write.

The storytellers will speak to the masses.

The storytellers will tell of wondrous products, make the world laugh, make them cry, make them humble.

The storytellers will carry the word forward.

And the world will listen.

Then one day the world will beg the storytellers to write their genius down so it may be shared and enjoyed by all.

And the storytellers will begin to write as their ancestors did so very long ago.

They will write marketing ads. They will write humor, hubris and pathos, they will tell their stories through the written word.

And the world will read.

The storytellers will become writers.

Just like all of us now.

We all have a story to tell and if we were forced to one day stop writing we would still continue to tell our stories.

We’d stand on the corner on top of a crate and we’d share our stories with the passer by.

Should more begin to listen, we’ll rent auditoriums and fill them.

As our audience grows we’ll fill stadiums.

We will continue to tell our stories even if we cannot write them.

It is what we do.

Peace Out,


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A published author enjoying married Texas bliss. Dog person living with cats. A writer of Henry James' stories. Featured In MuckRack. Top Writer In Fiction.

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