Writers You Can’t Get There From Here

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Who would have thought a frequently used six word sentence could have such insightful meaning? It’s such a simple statement really, but it can mean a single thing to millions of people and millions of things to a sole individual.

For the purposes of this argument let’s universally agree on two crucial points of the idiom — here is where you are now and there is where you want to be.

For you fledgling writers out there welcome. Allow me the opportunity to offer you some examples of why you may never get there from here.

If your here is suddenly waking up one day and deciding you want to be a published author and you’ve never written anything of substance except that term paper in high school on how much spinach Popeye consumes in a cartoon episode…

You can’t get there from here.

If your here is never taking the time to study your craft, take creative writing classes, spend time reading great works of modern day authors and the classics, and write every, single, day…

You can’t get there from here.

If your skin isn’t as thick as a blast door in Cheyenne Mountain Air station and you refuse to send query letters or submit short stories for publication or push the “publish” button here on Medium because you can’t stand the thought of being rejected. If that’s your here then…

You can’t get there from here.

If you believe you can crank out a ninety thousand word story and run with it on the first draft because you think your shit is so outstanding it doesn’t need micro and macro editing. It doesn’t need re-writing. It doesn’t need revision. All it needs is to be published by one of the big houses…

You so can’t get there from here.

If you’re not willing to write when you have bouts of depression so strong it feels as if your soul has been ripped out of your body. Or write when you’re sick as shit. Or write when you just don’t have it in you to grab a pad and pencil or sit in front of your computer today. Or write because you can’t think of a single damned thing to say…

You can’t get there from here.

If your here is bitching and moaning because no one is reading your shit and you keep telling yourself it’s not because of your writing, it’s because all those dumb AF people out there wouldn’t know a good story if it bit them on the ass…

You ain’t ever going to get there from here.

My dear fledgling writers. This whole writing thing is a lot rougher than it reads. You folks need to gird your loins and remember — this.is.tough.shit. It ain’t a walk in the park. It’s not puppy dogs and kittens or glittering rainbows with pots of gold at both ends.

What it is, is the most wonderful, frustrating, awe inspiring, fantastic-when- you-get-it right, devastating-when-you screw-it-up, rewarding thing you will ever do in your lifetime. So don’t stand here and just wish you were there.

Just.Do.It. (Thank you Nike)

Who knows? Maybe you’re already doing all the right things. Maybe you’re doing them so well you’ll pass me on the road from here to there. I think that’s fantastic. I’ll honor your passing with tears of joy and applause. All I ask is that you simply give me a smile and nod your head as you walk by.

I’ll know you read my piece and understood it.

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